SmilER 103: Odontogenic Infections

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Course Credit: 2 hours

Author: Richard Ngo, DMD
Editors: Cameron Lee, DMD, MD; Andrew Eyre, MD, MS-HPEd
Series Editor: Chris Nash, MD

The purpose of the SmilER series on dental trauma and infection management is to teach fundamental principles, pearls, and pitfalls in the care for dental patients in the emergency department. As many as 1.5% of ED visits are dental-related¹ and many emergency physicians have expressed the need for more comprehensive training in the oral cavity. This series was created as an introductory guide on the management of patients who report to the ED with dental-related conditions. This module covers diagnosis and treatment of dental infections, and it provides guidelines on when a specialist should be involved in management.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the major classifications and diagnostic criteria of odontogenic infections.
  2. Understand the indications and contraindications for computed tomographic (CT) imaging as well as incision and drainage (I&D).
    1. List the materials that are required to perform an incision and drainage.
    2. List some of the potential complications of incision and drainage.
  3. Name some of the pharmacological adjuncts to aid in recovery.
  4. Review key points to include in patient discharge instructions.

Reading Material

Read the 6 sections of SmilER 103 on the ALiEM site and return to test your knowledge with the 4-question quiz.

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