Course Series

Approved Instructional Resources (AIR)

The AIR series began in 2014, and we are honored for it to be co-sponsored by the Council of EM Residency Directors (CORD) and the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM). It was created because we observed residencies struggle in evaluating and recommending blog posts and podcasts that are appropriate and high quality for resident education. The series attempts to address this need by having our team of diverse, expert educators from across the U.S. collectively vet these open-access social media resources in the domains of Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine (BEEM) Score, Content Accuracy, Educational Utility, Evidence Based Medicine, and Referenced. More specifically, we grade resources published only in the previous 12 months. Read more in the 2016 Journal of Graduate Medication Education publication.

What are the definitions of the AIR-Approved and Honorable Mention labels? There are 2 tiers of AIR labels. The “AIR-Approved” label is awarded to posts scoring ≥30 points (out of 35 total) on our grading instrument. The “Honorable Mention” label is awarded to posts flagged and collectively recognized by Executive Board members as worthwhile to highlight, despite the content scoring <30 points. At a minimum, these need to have scored ≥27 points and still reflect accurate, appropriately referenced, and unbiased content. Quiz content is generated evaluating both AIR-Approved and Honorable Mention posts.

Series Editors: Dr. Chris Belcher and Dr. Andy Grock


This series is a free, online e-curriculum of high-quality, current, evidence based, and practical pharmacology knowledge for the EM practitioner. All modules are written by a pharmacist team member and then peer-reviewed by a separate expert pharmacist, physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner. The Capsules series’ primary focus is bringing EM pharmacology education to the bedside. Our expert team distills complex pharmacology principles into easy-to-apply concepts. It’s our version of what-you-need-to-know as an EM practitioner.

Series Editors: Emily Small, PharmD and Bryan Hayes, PharmD

Pediatric EM Point of Care Ultrasonography

The PEM POCUS Series, exclusively authored and sponsored by UCSF Department of EM's Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, launched in 2019. With relatively little focus on pediatric POCUS in the ultrasonography education literature, the intent is to provide expert peer-reviewed tutorials on performing common scans for pediatric EM patients.

Series Editor: Dr. Margaret Lin-Martore