1. How do I retrieve my course data pre-dating August 2020?

Don’t worry! We have saved all the data. We have moved the retired site along with your data to Legacy.ALiEMU.com. In your profile, you can download all your certificates to print and frame on your wall.

2. Help for residency programs

A. How do I retrieve course data for my residents pre-dating August 1, 2020?

Don’t worry! We have saved all the data. We have moved the retired site along with your Educator Dashboard data to Legacy.ALiEMU.com. Under the Profile > Groups tab, you can download the data as before.

B. How do I retrieve course data on my residents on this new ALiEMU site?

Of note, the Public Report does not total the course hours per learner, but rather lists each course in a separate row for an individual learner. Below are 2 tips to optimize your approach to accessing your learners’ data especially when you want to track multiple learners.

Pro Tip #1: Add a unique identifier

If you are tracking multiple residents and need their collective data, you can search each name manually on the Public Report page. However, you can also instruct all your learners to include a unique identifier as part of their last name when creating a new login account (or edit their existing account’s settings). For example, if all your learners belonged to the House of Gryffindor or a particular university, they could add that label to the end of their name. Now when you search for that label, all your learner hours are listed. Test this out on the Public Report page by typing “Gryffindor”.

Pro Tip #2: Move to Google spreadsheet

Highlight the entire data set from the Public Report results table. Copy and paste the contents into a Google spreadsheet. From there, you can sort by your learners’ names and course completion date, as well as tally course hours.

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