Coaching FAQs

We are excited to re-introduce the custom ALiEMU Coaches feature, where you can sort and download your learner’s data in bulk. You asked for it, and we are delivering, thanks to the generous financial support of the CORD organization.

However, this means we are removing the more laborious Public Report option that we had cobbled together earlier. That also means all coaches/educators will need to create a new, free ALiEMU account. Don’t worry, all learner course completion data will appear on your dashboard, dating back to when the new ALiEMU site launched on August 1, 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Coach Newsletter

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Still reliant on the Public Report? Don’t worry! For now, the Public Report option is still available at this link. Our strong recommendation, however, is to transition to the new Coaches feature, which is more robust, more reliable, and will receive long-term support from our team. Ultimately, it is our plan to transition completely to Coaches as we phase out the Public Report.


Choose one of the options below:

+ Tutorial Video (1.5 minutes)

+ Instructions for Learners

1. Assign a coach and view your progress from your profile page, available in the upper right hand corner in ALiEMU.

2. Under your profile’s “Coaching” tab, put the email address provided by your coach into this box and click “Add Coach.”

3. To view your course progress and export your data:

  • Under your profile’s “Progress” tab, you can view all of the courses you have completed, when you finished each course, and how many Hours you earned for each course. Your data can be exported into an Excel file by clicking the “Export Course Progress” link above the table. 

+ Instructions for Coaches

1. Create a new, free ALiEMU account. IMPORTANT: The email you use will be the email you need to share with your learners.

2. Under the “Coaching” tab, you can see a list of students who have designated you as their coach.

3. To export your learners’ data:

  • It is now as easy as ever to view your learners’ data. Under the “Progress” tab, you can view a list of your learners. At a glance, you can see their total number of courses completed and the total number of Hours they have earned in total.
  • If you would like to export all of your users’ data, you can click the “Export learner data” button, which will create a convenient Excel file for you to download. Note that you can also easily filter the date ranges for the data you are exporting, which you may find useful as you transition between academic blocks or calendar years.