Point of Care Ultrasound: Pediatric Soft Tissue

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Course Credit: 2 hours

Case Goals

  1. List the indications of performing a pediatric soft tissue point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS).
  2. Describe the technique for performing soft tissue POCUS.
  3. Interpret signs of cellulitis, abscess, and soft tissue foreign body on POCUS.
  4. Describe the limitations of soft tissue POCUS.
  5. Differentiate abscess from other soft tissue pathologies such as cysts and lymph nodes.


Read the ALiEM PEM POCUS Series: Soft Tissue Ultrasound tutorial and then test your knowledge in the quiz below.

Course Author

  • Dr. Elaine Chiang


  • Series Editor: Dr. Margaret Lin-Martore
  • Content Editors and Peer Reviewers: Dr. Margaret Lin-Martore, Dr. Ashkon Shaahinfar, Dr. Aaron Kornblith, Dr. Lilly Bellman

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