Point of Care Ultrasound: Pediatric Peripheral IV Access

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Course Credit: 2 hours

Case Goals

  1. Describe how point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS)-guided can be helpful in peripheral (PIV) access and placement.
  2. Analyze POCUS findings to map venous anatomy and locate optimal site for PIV cannulation.
  3. Describe the proper technique for performing a POCUS-guided PIV.
  4. List the common pitfalls to performing a POCUS-guided PIV placement.


Read the ALiEM Pediatric Peripheral IV Access tutorial and then test your knowledge in the quiz below.

Course Authors

  • Dr. Scott Sutton
  • Dr. Margaret Lin-Martore


  • Series Editor: Dr. Margaret Lin- Martore
  • Content Editor: Dr. Aaron Kornblith, Dr. Ashkon Shaahinfar

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