Point of Care Ultrasound: Pediatric Fascia Iliaca Block

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Course Credit: 2 hours

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Case Goals

  1. List indications of performing a pediatric point-of-care ultrasound fascia iliaca nerve block (POCUS-FINB)
  2. List the limitations of POCUS-FINB
  3. Describe the technique for performing POCUS fascia iliaca nerve block 
  4. Identify anatomical landmarks accurately on POCUS
  5. Calculate the maximum safe weight-based local anesthetic dose
  6. Recognize the signs and symptoms of local anesthetic systemic toxicity (LAST) and describe the appropriate management 


Read the ALiEM Pediatric Fascia Iliaca POCUS tutorial and then test your knowledge in the quiz below.

Course Authors

  • Dr. Mukuka Kangwa and Dr. Ashkon Shaahinfar


  • Series Editor: Dr. Margaret Lin-Martore
  • Content Editors: Dr. Ashkon Shaahinfar, Dr. Aaron Kornblith

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