OB/GYN – 2021

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Course Credit: 4 hours

AIR Stamp of Approval and Honorable Mentions

Below we have listed our selection of the 8 highest quality blog posts within the past 12 months, as assessed in September 2021 related to OB/Gyn emergencies in the Emergency Department, curated and approved for residency training by the AIR Series Board. More specifically in this Block, we identified 2 AIR and 6 Honorable Mentions blog posts. After reading the posts, please take the quizzes. We recommend programs give 4 hours (approximately 30 minutes per article) of III credit for this module.

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ALiEMDoxycycline vs Azithromycin: 2020 CDC Guideline updateKory London, MD13 Jan 2021AIR
emDOCsEclampsia in the EDKyrra Engle, ScM, Alessandra Della Porta, Zoe Kornberg, MD, MPH, Kasha Bornstein24 May 2021AIR
RebelEMRespiratory failure and airway management in the pregnant patientMarina Boushra, MD31 Dec 2020HM
RebelEMPostpartum HemorrhageAnand Swaminathan, MD 11 Nov 2020HM
emDOCsPelvic UltrasoundDiana Halloran, MD and Matthew R Klein, MD, MPH 14 Jul 2021HM
emDOCsDisseminated Gonococcal InfectionYenimar Ventura, MD; Muhammad Waseem, MD, MS17 May 2021HM
emDOCsNon-Pregnant Vaginal BleedingEmily Guy, MD and Julie T. Vieth, MBChB18 Jan 2021HM
emDOCsED Evaluation and Management of Non-Obstetric Abdominal Pain in the Pregnant PatientMarina Boushra, MD6 Dec 2020HM

AIR = Approved Instructional Resource; HM = Honorable Mention

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