Climate Change and EM 06: Creating Resilient Healthcare Systems

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Building resilience is central to improving the morbidity and mortality associated with various climate change health threats in the short and long-term. How does a hospital maximize their ability to remain operational during and after tropical storms? How do we secure resource mobilization to rapidly treat heat stroke during a heat wave? To understand healthcare resilience, we first have to understand local threats and be able to translate it to operational changes. From an emergency care standpoint, building climate resilient emergency care systems is and will be increasingly essential to ensuring timely, high quality care globally. Let’s dive in!

Curriculum: Module 6 of 10

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Framework and vulnerability assessments, and opportunities

Climate Change and EM Team

  • Lead Author: Caitlin Rublee, MD, MPH
  • Secondary Authors: Catharina Giudice, MD; Katelyn Moretti, MD, MS; Kyle Martin, DO, MA, MPH; Andrew Musits, MD, MS
  • Contributors: Joseph Leanza, MD; Christine Baek; Nikhil Ranadive, MD, MS
  • ALiEMU Graphic Designer: Christopher Nash, MD
  • ALiEMU Peer Reviewer: Michelle Lin, MD
  • Sponsor: Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Curriculum design consultant: Simiao Li-Sauerwine, MD, MSCR with the ALiEM Education Research Lab and Incubator (ERLI)

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