Toxicology – 2017

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Course Credit: 2 hours

AIR Stamp of Approval and Honorable Mentions

Below we have listed our selection of the 6 highest quality blog posts within the past 12 months (as assessed in January 2017) related to toxicology in the Emergency Department, curated and approved for residency training by the AIR Series Board. More specifically in this Block, we identified 0 AIR and 6 Honorable Mentions. After reading, please take the quizzes. We recommend programs give 2 hours (20 minutes per article) of III credit for this module.

ALiEM: Bark Scorpion Sting: Indications for Anascorp and dosing controversiesMichael Sisson PharmD and Mark Culver, PharmD, BCPS7/27/2016HM
REBEL EM: Baclofen WithdrawalAnand Swaminathan, MD10/27/2016HM
REBEL EM: Benzodiazepine-Refractory Alcohol WithdrawalDarrel Hughes, MD4/28/2016HM
ALiEM: ‘Treat and Release’ after Naloxone – What is the Risk of Death?Bryan D. Hayes, PharmD, FAACT8/24/2016HM
EM Cases: Episode 90 – Low and Slow PoisoningAnton Helman, MD1/3/2017HM
EM Cases: CritCases 1: Massive TCA OverdoseAnton Helman, MD1/26/2016HM

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