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This Coach Newsletter serves to keep you apprised of any updates made to ALiEMU that directly relates to you as a coach. This often involves upgrades to the Educator Dashboard and major course announcements.
Prior to our August 2020 major site upgrade, we had already awarded 40,000+ course certificates. We continue with accelerated growth with 1,000+ certificates awarded every month.
The Educator Dashboard for coaches allows you to monitor and download your learners' activity (courses, hours). Thanks to the Council of EM Residency Directors for funding this feature.
AIR Splinter PEM badges
Although ALiEMU was initially created to house the popular Approved Instructional Resources (AIR) series, we continue to grow content. Check out the SplintER and Pediatric EM Ultrasonography series.
We remain faithful to our mission to keep learning free for learners.
Got ideas for other courses or have feedback? Email us.